to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

                                            Ephesians 3:21


Early Beginnings - 1932-1944


The earliest record of the Church in DeQuincy is 1932.  The church consisted of two sisters, Eva Hyatt and Maudie Hyatt.  They met each Sunday in Eva Hyatt's home for several months.

Some time around 1934, they began meeting in the Presbyterian Church building.  By now the church consisted of five families.  They were the Carmickles, the Etus, Eva Hyatt, Maudie Hyatt, and the Shoemakes.  During this time period a preacher from DeRidder by the name of Ben J. Elston came to help.


The following two years, 1935-1936, services were held in the DeQuincy City Hall on Sunday morning and in individual homes on Sunday night.  For these services, Port Arthur sent a minister by the name of E. Timmelman to preach for the group.


By 1936, the Church had grown and felt that a permanent building should be built.


A lot on Harrison Street was obtained, and construction was began.  The 11th Street Church of Christ, Port Arthur, again was willing to help in this effort.  In 1937 the building was ready for worship services.


A church that had begun with two ladies meeting and worshiping their Lord in 1932,  had grown to around 30 members in 1944.


Middle Years - 1944-1967


In 1950, the church was able to obtain one of the strongest and most able ministers in this area, Sam Berryman.

Around this time, it was determined that the church needed to take the next step in its growth.  The next step was to ordain Elders.  Three men were then selected as being qualified - Elijah Hyatt, Henry Hyatt, and Lee Spears. 


By 1951, the church had almot outgrown the Harrison Street building.  So when a larger place became available, the old First Baptist Church on Hall and Velmer Streets was purchased.  The church enjoyed the use of this building for several years.


Later Years - 1967-Present


In 1967, a new and modern building was constructed on the parking lot at Hall and Velmer Streets.  When completed, the old building was removed and a parking lot was built on the old site.


A preacher's home was purchased in 1978.  The old home located in the rear of the church building was then sold and removed.

Ministers who were associated with the Church at DeQuincy after 1950 are:   Kenneth Badgett, James Barrett, Sam Berryman, C.R. Gurley, David Harper, Bob Hurd, Nels Thompson, Sterling Walker, Thomas Whortham, Howard Cox, Glen Westmoreland,  Paul Wilcoxson, Michael Potthoff, Michael Lerro, Bill Collins and now Gary Selby.

By 1991, the Sunday morning services attendance probably averaged around 95.

Since the beginning, members have moved in; but at the same time, others have left to work in other congregations.  We hated to lose these.


To every member at DeQuincy Church of Christ, you are needed and appreciated.  The church is only as strong as its members.

Always remember that to stand still is to regress and die - - to live is to move forward and grow.

Our prayer for the church at DeQuincy is that we continue to grow and fulfill our mission - - that is to stay pure and to save souls until the Lord returns to claim his own.